Challenge for Men

I have posted surveys and challenges on this blog before. Once I surveyed people to ask what their definition was of love. It received a lot of response and feedback. People want to love and be loved.

Today, I post a survey for the men: Husbands, who is your wife? Why do you love her? Describe her to the world.

I offer you the opportunity to publicly proclaim your love for her. Tell us your observations and experiences of her gifts, strengths, and beauty. Tell us about her heart.

I stand at the hospital with couples who have been married many years. I always ask the husband to tell me their love story, or I ask, “Why her?” These elderly men always, not often, ALWAYS respond with stories of enduring and amazing love. They don’t stop with why they chose her or fell in love, but continue with the gift she has been throughout their relationship.

So, is this because I’m mostly talking to men in the hospital in a dying generation that honored and respected their wives? Is loving women the way Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:22-33) going to die with this generation? I hope this survey proves this idea to be incorrect.

Women love to know their husbands speak respectfully and complimentary of them to their faces and also to others. I can promise you most women I know give all they have to loving a man and being a good wife. I know I do. They want to know the husband knows and appreciates this. Most women don’t want extravagant gifts or unreasonable things. They want to be appreciated for all they give and for their feelings to be validated. Your opinion of us does matter…so very much.

We don’t want the Prince Charming who wears tights and tiptoes through the tulips. We want the Knight in Shining Armor Prince Charming who protects our honor, sees our beauty within, and declares his love. Strong, brave, and true. We want to know, that you know our hearts of love for you.

At 48 years old, I finally have this kind of man that I have witnessed at the bedside of hospitals for many years now. I believed he existed but never knew he would love me. I am blessed beyond measure and very thankful. I don’t ask anything of him, and certainly demand nothing. He freely loves me and prays continually for the Father’s heart. Such humility and Christ-like behavior he demonstrates. Not because I am dominating him. Doesn’t work that way. Because he sees how very much I love him and all I do. He knows I also pray continually to love him the way Christ loves me…sacrificially. We each take personal responsibility in imitating Christ and being an example of loving marriage to one another and others.

Noah from the Notebook. If you have seen the movie then you know. It isn’t Noah’s outward appearance that draw women to that fictional character and so many women declare that movie their favorite. It’s because Noah verbalized his appreciation and love for Allie. He filled her love bank with deposits of affirmation rather than making withdrawals of negativity. He loved her, even though she was not perfect. No one is perfect. That enduring love is more important to women than all the diamonds in the world.

I know a man who has written a love note for his wife every single day of their marriage. He loves her like Christ loves the church.

Could you write your wife a love note daily? Are you the man who will tell a beautiful love story about your wife at the bedside in the hospital and that love was true?

So, guys…here is your opportunity. Tell us why you love your wife. I promise she will love you all the more for it.

Kim Crawford-Meeks


4 comments on “Challenge for Men

  1. Elizabeth is my sister-in-Christ, wife, best life-long friend, lover, confidant. We have been through so many ups and downs through 37 years of knowing each other. I first met my her in Canada, where she joined the mission team I had formed. We became great colleagues and very close friends. She loves Jesus with all her being and, secondly, loves me completely. What a rock and refuge she has been to me during our life together. There have been many times since 1995, because of her painful chronic illness, she has been unable to do everything she’s wanted to do for me. At those times I’ve tried to be mindful in letting her know, in all ways, in heart and mind, that I wanted and would continue to be there for her. I have always reassured her that I knew and know that she has given and gives everything she can to our family to show her love. Elizabeth and I can’t imagine life without one another. We are bonded by our love and covenant we made before God, family, and friends when we married back in 1984. It is an honor to know that the Lord is allowing me to be with her forever.


  2. Thank you for participating! I have witnessed you and Elizabeth many times and your enduring love is very obvious. I also hear the continual blessings you speak for her and because of her.


  3. Cyndie has taken me “as I am” and shortly after our first anniversary she began a journey with me through death and grief. Over a 16 month period beginning November 15 2016 to March 19 2018 my sister, mother and brother all passed away. My grief did not take the appearance of a lot of sadness, instead it took on the anxiety of seeing to the “nuts and bolts” issues of settling the estate of my mother that passed to my brother. Also supporting my heart-broken brother-in-law and niece. My grief often looked like frustration that would get the best of me and my forgetfulness often was worse than it already is. There are lots things and people who have fallen off my personal radar screen through all this. Cyndie has been my earthly rock and stability as well as my forever Sweetheart. Her patience with me has demonstrated love beyond this life’s understanding. I know I have been and will continue to be loved in this life because of Cyndie….she also reflects God’s love to me every moment of every day. I Love You my Cyndie McAfee❤️

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  4. Blesses my heart so much. We all miss you as part of our team but you are always our brother. You and Cyndie have a place to stay if you come to Bham!! Love the way you love each other. Thank you for being an example for others.


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