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Jehovah has Given – 6 years today, since Tornado No

Unveiled & Untangled

The song is Kolby singing and he wrote this for me.

The house with only a closet standing is ours. The others are neighbors. I talk about this below.

Jehovah has Given – 6 years today, since Tornado No. 5 On this 6th year anniversary, of that 800 yard wide, 150 mph, monster that plowed through our home at 4:00 a.m. on January 23, 2012, I will talk about the 13 months we called Jonathan’s Way our home. Jonathan – which means Jehovah has given.

Tonight as I walked through the house I live in now, it was not this house I saw. It was the home on Jonathan’s Way. I saw it, I smelled it, I heard it, and memories flooded my mind and heart. What was it Jehovah gave us in 13 months on Jonathan’s Way? It was on our way for certain. A part of our journey. Our…

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