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Lord I Believe You Will – testimony of tornado Jan 23 2012

I have written on this blog for many years now. God has been pressing on my heart that many people just don’t have time to read blogs, etc. Many people like to hit the play button though, and listen as they ride (not drive), clean house, get ready for work, on a break, etc. I hate being on video, because let’s face the truth, it does add at least 10 pounds if not more!! Video is very unforgiving. This is not about me though. This is about opening my heart, in my home, to you. Susan, Penny, and I agree that there is 1 hearts out there that needs to hear something in one of our testimonies. Hey, One Heart, we are doing this for you! If more than 1 person is blessed, then praise God! I will be posting pieces of my hearts, and from the heart of others between now and April 7th. As I was trying to figure out a venue for our gatherings, God reminded me I bought this house for this!! The doors of both my home and my heart are open…come in and make yourself at home!

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