Kim’s Story about Writing Growing Wings

Kim Crawford was born October 21, 1969, but did not breathe for 11 minutes at birth. Doctors told her mother she would have severe brain damage, but to their surprise she thrived and was a completely healthy little girl. Having this miraculous beginning in life has always reminded Kim that God has a plan and purpose for her. She feels part of this purpose is to share her relationship with God, and loves to express this journey through writing.

Kim worked in the funeral home industry for many years. During this time, she was told by her manager that she had special gifts in supporting those in grief. She wrote a poem entitled, Growing Wings, after going through 16 losses from 2000 – 2009, with each bringing a unique grief experience.  The seed her manager planted grew, and she realized her calling to Chaplaincy. As a Board Certified Chaplain, Kim witnesses people in chronic sickness, acute illness, and trauma. She focuses on helping her patients and their families to express their own personal journey, emotions, and find coping mechanisms within their own beliefs, abilities, and gifts.

As she worked with families, she witnessed children being told not to express their emotions and to sit still and be quiet in the midst of tragedy. This experience helped her realize her poem, Growing Wings, was a children’s book about this matter and pursued publishing. In 2016, Lighthouse Christian Publishing did offer to publish the book.

Her heart for Growing Wings is to help children express their emotions, validate those emotions, and normalize that people do come and go in their lives, yet they can hold that love in their hearts and make meaning of every relationship.

An extra bit of fun information is that the little girl in the book “Growing Wings” is modeled after Kim’s granddaughter, Lily Mae. She is a vibrant, beautiful, funny, creative, and very smart little girl. She is expressive, which Kim encourages and hopes Lily will continue to grow in as she experiences life and continues to grow her own wings.

Kim and Lily
She is Board Certified through the Association of Professional Chaplains, endorsed by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, serves at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL, is an Instructor of Laughter Yoga, and available to speak to adults and children.

Kim may be reached at:

To read more of Kim’s writings, visit her website:


3 comments on “Kim’s Story about Writing Growing Wings

  1. I never grow tired of hearing your narrative. You have made a difference in the lives of many people! You are a true God-blessing to me, my sister & dear friend.


  2. Thank Kim for all you done for my mom (Mary Doss) when she was so so sick. You stood there with me and my sister when we had to make super hard decisions for mom. Thank you for everything. Much love for you and can’t wait to get your book🙂



  3. I hope you are all doing very well! I miss your mom and think of her often.
    You can get a copy of the book from me if you like. 205-381-6767 Text or call me and we can work out details.
    Many blessings on the New Year!!


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