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5 Years Since Tornado – Never Give UP

January 23, 2017 was 5 years since our tornado experience. Anyone who knows us, knows the story. It is here in it’s very own category. It needed that category because it was the end of so much and the beginning of so much more. It changed us forever. BUT it didn’t stop us…

In 5 years we have:

I finished my M. Div.

Entered and completed Clinical Pastoral Education at UAB; residency for Chaplaincy.

Received my endorsement through Baptist General Convention of Texas.


Started working as a Staff Chaplain at St. Vincent’s Health System.

Received my Board Certification through APC.

Sold 3 houses.

Bought 2 houses and renovated them.

Found Maggie – my precious baby dog.

Makenzi completed her Rad Tech degree and worked in Xray with a Pulmonologist.

Worked as a PCA at St. Vincent’s.

Completed her RN degree.

Started working as an RN at St. Vincent’s.

Got married.

Bought a house.

Got a pig.

Kolby got married.

Brought our precious Lily into the world.

Bought a house.

Is very respected and accomplished with Orkin.

I have gone to Colorado, Florida, Baltimore, Virginia, Georgia, TN, TX.

Makenzi went to Turks and Caicos.

Kolby and Kristen took Lily to Disney.

Mother had cancer again and kicked it to the curb again.

We mourned the passing yet celebrated the lives of our loved ones: Sweet Granny, Uncle Welton, and Michael. My friends also: Denise, Tonya, and Sheila.

I gained many many friends on WDJC, churches, the hospital, new communities and many places.

Reunited with old friends.

I could go on…

Isn’t that the point? We went on. Our goals didn’t change. Our dreams didn’t fade.

We lost so much and yet God held us in His and in the eye of the storm.

We found that egg under our rose bushes and it was unbroken. That egg came in that 800 yard wide, 150 mph tornado and has represented to so many that God carries us and protects us through the storms of life.

Psalm 23:4 was my verse before the storm. Even though I walk through the valley, I will not be afraid for God is with me…. We painted this and put it on the front lawn in front of what was our home. Ryan Stevenson came out with this song In the Eye of the Storm after this event. At the end he quotes Psalm 23:4.It’s as if he knew our story.

Listen to that song. Be encouraged. Even though you may be in a valley, in the midst of a storm…God is with you. He offers protection and new life. He carries you as He carried that egg onward to new opportunities. Never Give UP.

kimcrawford 1.24.2017

One comment on “5 Years Since Tornado – Never Give UP

  1. Bless! & God gave David Kohn a true BFF!


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