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Which will you choose?

I recently witnessed two people going out of their way to make a point.

Person number one made a point to say wonderful things about a 3rd party. She offered encouraging words, compliments, and obviously purposed to give life to a situation.

Person number two made a point to shame. She was not friendly and offered only discouragement and disdain to the 3rd party.

The two events happened at almost the same time and in the same place. It reminded me of the cartoon of the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other.

The little devilish character wore black, had an angry weathered look, and spoke only her words of hate. It was as if you could see a black cloud hovering over her. As she left the place, people were in shock of her rude behavior and how sad it must be to need to be that ugly at heart. Later it was discovered that she even used a Bible verse for her own angry intention as she left it as a word of warning.

The angelic one wore blue the color of a robin’s egg. Her smile lit up the room as she spread sunshine to everyone she met. As she left the place, people were calmed by her presence and touched by her love.

Oh, but let us all learn from these two women. Strive to be the one filled with joy and beautiful words of encouragement for others. Strive to be a giver of life and not a killer of joy.

After all, we are to strive to love others as Christ loves us.

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