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Like a Duck?

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.
 Michael Caine quotes (Internationally successful British motion picture actor, b.1933)

Hmmmm…in pondering this, I’m thinking that this is what our society certainly defines as “strong”. Remaining calm is strong? In response to this I will borrow my granddaughter’s favorite phrase, “No Way!”. With such busy lives and so much going on  we are certainly all like little ducks as we paddle like crazy to try and keep on track, remain in order, go with the plan, conquer the world, and stay “calm” through it all. I say take a deep breath, do a big nose dive and find that quiet place of solitude deep inside, and let those little webbed feet of yours paddle outside the water for all the world to see.  I think often of King David…mighty warrior…ran into caves…tore his clothes and rolled in the dirt…mighty warrior…man after God’s own heart! He wasn’t always calm. He found solitude. He found retreat. He was real with his emotions. I think he stuck his feet straight up in the air and paddled for the world to see. He poured out his heart. Find that someone in which you can flap and flutter with all your might. Someone you can tell all your fears, frustrations, etc …you can say anything, any time, for any reason to them, and repeat as needed, and they will not judge but will listen and love. Quack loudly, paddle like crazy for all the world to see. We are made in God’s image and He has emotions. We have emotions. Poor ducks are tagged with “letting it roll off their backs” and how they are calm on the surface while going crazy underneath…deep in their hearts and souls. You are a person with a heart, a soul, and emotions. We have to follow certain guidelines of appropriate behavior…I get that, but express how you feel…at least to one person. Life is stressful. Quack loudly, flap, paddle…be real, not “strong and calm”. Go for it…find that person you may be real with and find that place of solitude. One of my favorite things is to be in the water floating where my ears are covered with water, and I can no longer hear the sounds of anything but my own breath. That place of solitude. Someone to be real with. Now that is calm. kim crawford 3.2.15

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