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When you have a puppy, life is all new

Before it begins, you don’t have a clue

Let me offer some advice and give a few tips

This may take a while so grab some dip and chips

Your iPhone charger is in peril in the paws of a pup

And may be severed into pieces and it won’t tape up

The computer charger is now a danger for fire

As it will become frayed with exposed wire

High heels that were black, stylish, and new

Will look like you hiked up a volcano that blew

Your sofa will never look just right

As you must keep it covered with blankets day and night

You can’t take a step without puppy in tow

You trip your way through the house, you must know

Oh, and forget ever wearing pants with a drawstring

They bite the string, pull your pants and you can’t do a thing

You will never eat dinner on the couch like normal people do

You must hold your food over your head and lean a little too

They never want to potty when outside on the lawn

But prefer around 3:00 a.m. or when they see you yawn

Your fingers stay raw as they think they are fish sticks

And you can’t go to sleep without your face having been licked

The garbage cans will all go on top of toilets and high spaces

And poop will be found in the strangest places

Just when you wonder why you allow your life to be chaotic

Those eyes look up and they will be so hypnotic

And Puppy will curl in a ball and sleep by your side            Maggie

And she will be your best friend, and that you won’t deny.

These puppies, they steal your heart, yes they do

Don’t think you’re above it or it may happen to you!

 kim crawford 11.2.14

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