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As the Father Looks Down

When hearing Dr. Muto talk about the mystery and the unknown it reminded me of a personal retreat I took several years ago. I went to the beach alone to listen to God and work through some things. As I sat on the beach, God spoke to me through the activities and situations of many others. One example was a man sitting in a chair on the shoreline fishing. He patiently and steadily cast his pole over and over as he sat surrounded by dead fish all around him. Another observation that spoke to me was a man kissing a shell before he tossed it into the ocean. There were many stories that touched me, but the last is the one I carry. As I left the beach on my last day I saw a little boy covering the steps leading back to the rooms. I said “Hi, you sure are working hard.” The little boy replied, “I sure am.” I then asked, “What ‘cha doin’?” Without stopping for a moment he said, “Covering these steps!” I then asked with concern, “Where are your parents?” Again without hesitance he said, “Up there” and tossed an arm up pointing to a balcony several floors above us. I looked up and saw his father looking down on him and we both waved. I realized how much this is us…me. Working hard to cover the steps to the unknown and the mystery as I build a fort against those waves of change and scurry into my four walls of safety that I know so well. The whole time I work so hard to guard against and prevent the engulfing unknown, my Father also looks down on me. His patiently waits on me to finish what I need to do, and sends a gentle wind to clear the path once more. He never lets me go alone into the vast waters, but is with me holding my hand or carrying me all the way.

kim crawford 10.31.14

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