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BE ME…Be the Best Me I Can Be

Standing short against the tall,
Standing strong, leaning a little on the wall.
My knees are weak,
my soul is bold,
I will not be left out in the cold!

They say I’m different,
a little strange
So, is it that I need to change?
Or should they all want to be like me?
Because I’m the
Best Me I Can Be!

I want to communicate in a way to bless,
And never to cause any distress.
I want to lead as a servant to all,
I want to answer God’s precious call.
One day when I’m older and gray,
I want to look back upon these days.
And know when I look in the mirror and reflect on me,
I was the Best Me I Can Be.

-Kim Crawford-Meeks

BE ME is a program I am presenting to schools, churches, and groups.  I was inspired to reach out to students after hearing a teen’s story of her suffering from the hands of a bully.  Be Me is all about doing what is best for me, others, and God. In my experience, there is an incredible benefit to knowing what your gifts are and loving yourself and others through those gifts. Another point of the program is keeping track of the things that bring you joy each day and reflecting on those blessings.Focusing on those blessings offers great strength and fuel to keep going up the mountains rather than digging a hole to sink in while in the valleys. We talk about the emotions that are involved in the midst of daily pressure, tragedy, and this challenging world – how do we accomplish being the best me in all of it? Please let me know if you are interested in having BE ME presented to your group. Find me on FB or leave a comment here and I will receive the message.

Kim Crawford

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