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ABCs of our office

A Better Christian

“The greater part of happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances.  We carry the seeds of one another with us in our minds wherever we go.” Martha Washington


Attitude – Direspect, rudeness, and negativity are not tolerated.  YOU choose your attitude every day and in every situation. 

Ask yourself: How do others see me?  How do I make other people feel?    

Are my coworkers afraid to ask me for assistance?  Are others afraid to approach me?


Behavior – I am adult.  Enough said.

Brave enough to try something new, trust yourself, trust others, and let go.

Bring issues up in order to solve them or ask yourself “what really is threatening about this?” and if you don’t have a good answer – let it go.


Customer Service – They are first.  Their problems are real to them.  We find solutions with a smile. 

Compassion – Suffer with someone.

Create an inviting environment for others.

Choose who you are and how you act/react each day.

Choose to make a positive difference every day and in each situation.

 Kim Crawford

Osborne Orthodontics


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