As we remember January 23 Tornado No. 5

At about 3:15 a.m. one year ago today, I received a text message…”Tornado coming same path as April.  Are you awake?”

On the one year anniversary of this experience, I wonder what awakened within me during and after that night?

We are changed by it in many ways.

There are new fears, and new faith.

There is loss so great that will never be replaced, yet we are very blessed.

To my friend who sent the text, I say, yes I am awake.

I remember many things about that night and the weeks that followed.

The one memory that has been stronger than all others today though is this…as we drove back in the neighborhood the one thing that remained was the inside bath.  On the wall hung a metal art piece stating “Family”.

I am awake and very aware of the importance of my precious family.  Thank you God for the reminder.

Thank you God for the love you give me through my precious family.

2 comments on “As we remember January 23 Tornado No. 5

  1. Thanks for sharing. I thought of the other day.


    Bridget McAllister

    Inside Sales

    MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    Phone: 205-591-9565

    Fax: 205-591-9669



  2. Thank you so much Bridget! We are very grateful to those who remembered us this week. All people really want in this world is for people to care. It is not the things we say or the things we do that are remembered, but rather the way people make us feel. Thank you for making us feel cared for!
    Love to you,


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