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Heaven will be

Under the soft glow of the moon

The quiet will come too soon

She nestles in her fluffy blanket and pillow

And the only sound is the wind whipping through the willow

Alone with her pain she longs for relief

The only person nearby is her new friend, Grief

The tears are routine every night it seems

She waits anxiously on the comfort of her mysterious dreams

The dreams that carry her to another world where there is never sorrow

Where hope is not wrapped in the unknown tomorrow

Love is there with arms open wide

She dances for hours and gracefully glides

The sun is warm as it makes her feel whole

She knows true love down in her soul

She wakes to a sparrow chirping in the willow tree

She smiles knowing one day her dream will be reality

Heaven will be her eternity.

kim crawford  1.12.13

One comment on “Heaven will be

  1. You Now I feel compelled to comment. You always have been able to power-play communicate the journey of grief in a beautiful perfect. Thank you dear friend.


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