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Reply to my Jonathan’s Way neighbor

As your fellow tornadian neighbor, I must say something. As early as one week after the tornado someone said to me, “you are still talking about that?” Yes, we are still talking about it because we still feel it! People must feel what they feel when they feel it, and for as long as they feel it. January 23rd changed us forever. We are not dwelling on it because we talk about it. We experienced an incredibly traumatic event, lost everything, and were part of a miracle. We rejoice in the miracle and yes, mourn in the trauma and loss – because we are human!! Our society thinks coping well is being “OK” instantly. That is just shoving pain somewhere inwardly which turns into depression, anger, etc. I think the reason so many are hurting one another now is because they have no ability to talk about how they feel and allow pain to be a part of their lives. People don’t have a magic switch to flip, and there is not a set time table when someone is grieving. Even after the pain subsides, the experience remains. And, thank God for that experience. Even though we walked through the tornado (valley), God was with us!! (Psalm 23:4). So many people were touched by our story. There is no logical reason any of us lived, yet everyone in our neighborhood is alive! How can we not talk about it? So, if you are a person who doesn’t understand why someone is talking about an event of their lives, then learn from this or shame on you! We were all part of an incredible miracle, and we will tell the story!

Whitney, on a lighter note, I also bought many used things and felt like they were treasures. And yes, it has to be done on a strict budget because, unlike popular belief, insurance does not replace nearly everything. We should tour one another’s homes, it would be good for us!

Love to you my neighbor forever!
Kim Crawford Horton


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