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stillness and praise

My pastor, Dr. Jim Barnette at Brookwood Baptist Church, is preaching a sermon on being still in the presence of God. It reminded me of that night when we had no option but to be still and wait on God – Oct. 26, 2016

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

To be still before an almighty God

Helpless and lifeless

As low and still as we could humanly become…

At the mercy of our Creator…this was our community in the tornado Jan 23, 2012:

Moments earlier, snuggled in our beds

Dreams of oceans calmed our tired heads.

Cozy and warm with plans for tomorrow

Changed in a blink to instant horror.

Options were stolen from our grasp

Our homes crumbled into our laps.

Low swirling wind, quiet and strong

Played a new melody, sang a new song.

We cried out to Jesus as the doors began to rattle

We had faith He would win this battle!

As the beams broke, walls fell, and roof blew away

In the hands of a living God we stayed.

No logic can explain why we are alive

But through Jesus Christ we stand and we thrive.

Through rubble we dug, crawled, stumbled and fell

And now of His POWER this story we tell.

I imagine we crossed through a white door of light at the end

This is Jesus saying, through me you were rescued my child and my friend.


There are times when there is no option but to be still and wait on God.

After He works, and He will, lift your hands and praise! After we had no option to be still, there was nothing else to do or we could do, so we stood in the rain and praised God. Stillness and praise.

kim crawford

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