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tree hugging

This Memorial Day week-end, I remember…

Well, of course we remember the brave souls who have fought for our freedom.

But what is on my mind these last few days?

Loving trees.

Not tree huggers as you know it.

Yesterday at Oak Mtn. I thought it would be a great idea to try the bike trails in the woods…just had to ride over the bridge and dam.

Upon flying off the trail my bike went over a cliff.

A tree was planted just within my reach and reach it I did.

I hugged that tree with all my might and strength as the bike and my legs went flying downward.

Scraped, bleeding, bruised and humiliated…yet very appreciative of the tree, I dried my tears and got back on my bike.

I made it across the bridge (quite an accomplishment for me since I hate heights and bridges) and across the dam.

So, this Memorial Day I remembered trees and how we need them to live and I thank God for them.

Tree hugging is a bit controversial.

Our favorite song at church as children was Just Like a Tree Planted Water, I Shall Not be Moved

God protects me.  I am planted by Him.  I shall not be moved.


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