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in the Rain

Rain all by itself is such an awesome example of the greatness of God.

Have you ever really thought about it?

First of all, it was an added feature…a bonus round…icing on the cake.

When God sent rain for the first time there had been creation and people…but no rain.

It did not just drizzle and drip here and there…it flooded….made a statement!

God’s power!

Rain…have you ever really thought about it?

A drink of water for thirsty land.

A reminder that we need God…without out rain all of creation dries up and dies…without God life becomes eternal death.

Rain…splashing in puddles…drops glistening on petals…singing on my tin rooftop…rainbows stretching and whispering I Love You My Child.

Sing in the rain…God is not just present on sunny days.


copyright August 2010

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