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best med!

“Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.” Luke 6:21b

Laughing in the rain

Laughing when in pain

Laughing in a crowd

Laughing out loud

Laughing with your friends

Laughing seems to mend

Laughing all alone

Laughing on the phone

Laughing when you cry

Laughing ’til you think you’ll die

Laughing at yourself

Laughing with an elf (come on, you know that would be fun)

Laughing at a clown

Laughing upside down

Laughing laughing laughing laughing

(Just not at other’s expense – just be nice as my friend would say!)

Takes us through the day

and on our way.



One comment on “best med!

  1. I think laughing with a troll would be awesome 😉


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