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Just when I feel alone, unworthy, confused, unloved, and weary I receive…

Thank you for the grace that you live in and abound

Thank you for the virtue that flows from your being

Thank you for the model that you so gracefully display

Thank you for the kindness that speaks from your heart

Thank you for being sweet, caring and thoughtful

Thank you for being compassionate, forgiving, and understanding

Thank you for being a lady others can follow

Leaving footsteps in life that speak of strength

Thank you for loving people, loving family, loving me

Thank you for all the things you do with ease: nurturing, sharing, leading, helping

Thank you for being you.

A Message from the Heart.

David had Jonathan, Paul had Luke, Gomer had Hosea, and Rachel had Jacob, and Peter had Jesus.

Peter denied Christ 3 times.  When he realized what he had done he wept bitterly.  Can you imagine how he felt when he watched them crucify His Lord, after he denied knowing him?  Can you imagine his relief when Mary Magdalene came and told him Jesus was alive.  Jesus specifically told her to tell Peter.  He included Peter among His disciples, even though he had denied him.  Jesus is the absolute and ultimate…and truly only….example of unconditional love.

I have Matza. (not unleavened bread – that is a nickname) Matza is my friend who loves me enough to laugh with me, encourage me, comfort me, and gently tell me when I am not on the right path.  He never tells me what he thinks I should do, but instead what the Word of God says I should do.  Thank you Matza for your love!  Thank you Matza for reminding me of the love and forgiveness Jesus showed Peter.

I deserve none of the above, but everyone needs someone in their life who believes in them and focuses on the good. 

Find your Matza.  Be a Matza to someone.


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