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good of this Friday

Work, Bible study at work, homework, housework, work-out….all good.

God revealing me to me during Bible study…more than good.

Worship on Friday night…incredible, awesome, amazing, and good.

Let me elaborate…there is nothing I would rather do than worship.  To lift hands to Holy Jesus, is an experience and privilege.  Missing worship on Friday night’s at CR, is like missing church for me.  I need worship.  It fills me.  Leads me.  Speaks to me.  Strengthens me.  Try it.  Worship while you clean, drive, work…worship. 


Learning two old friends (who are 11 and 12 years old) are being baptized tomorrow…very good.

Opportunity to defend the cross with scripture on facebook…good.  Made me question what kind of witness we are as Christians that people do not understand the love and respect of the cross…not good.   Jesus’ sacrificial love…the best.

Studying the Good Samaritan for Children’s Ministry Worship tomorrow…good.

To ge be good is to be an imitator of God.  Be good. Be like God.

Friday was good.

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