girl in the mirror

While leading a Bible study today, God spoke to me in an incredible way.

We were talking about listening and answering.

God told me that He has been answering.  I just have not been listening.

He revealed some things about me.

I realized some things, I thought I was fighting for someone else, I was truly battling myself.

I must look at my own reflection.

Not the people that crowd my view.

Not the shadows that block the sun from my path.

Not the pieces of the broken glass.

I must look at the girl in the mirror.

What does God want from me?  That is the question.  That is where I find the answer.

God breathed life in me when I could not breathe.  At birth.  In fear and trembling. In pain.  He has continued to breathe through me…for me.

It is His purpose.

It is between God and me.  This life is about Him.  Not me.

Not the girl in the mirror.

2 comments on “girl in the mirror

  1. Hey, Kim. We just became Facebook friends. I appreciate your blog. This post especially. It seems just when I think God has brought to the surface all my pet sins and hidden desires, He uncovers more. And I don’t like it. I guess that’s one of the things that’ll make heaven heaven: nothing left to hide, nothing left to uncover.


  2. Thank you for your comment. That post is special to me also.


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