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thank you red bird

I hit a red bird in my car today and cried like a baby.

I think I cried because something beautufil God created died because of me.

We cry when someone beautiful to us dies.

We cry when something we once thought was beautiful dies between us and another.

We cry when we do something ugly when we could have chosen to do something beautiful.

We should cry for the things God creates within us that are so beautiful, yet we choose to kill them.

We should cry for the beauty we have lost because of our ugly choices.

Let us learn from the lost beauty though and not linger.

Let us search for the beauty.

Remember the pain that is caused when we kill the beauty.

Search and find the beauty in others, in creation, in yourself, and of course in God – – who is all beauty.

Thank you beautiful red bird for your beauty and the lesson you taught me.

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