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I was asked tonight how do we know God’s purpose for us?

That is the hardest question to answer….or is it?

What do we know about God’s purpose for us?

We know that God wants us to believe in Him, know that Jesus is our Savior and without Him we are sinners who perish.

We know that God has told us to go…go tell others about Him.

We know that God has told us to worship Him.

We know that God has told us to fellowship with other Christians.

We know God has given us gifts.

We know that God has told us to trust Him, pray, and read His Word.

Okay, so do we have our answer?

We find our purpose in knowing that our purpose is with God — God through us.

God works through us when we read His Word, pray, trust, serve, know Him, and believe.

Our purpose is in God. 

He has given us gifts that we each are able to use in serving this purpose.

He gave you these gifts or talents to use them to serve Him.

You will find God’s purpose for your life through prayer, God’s Word, worship, and through other Christians.

I think that is the answer to the question.

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