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Something to Talk About

We so freely talk about the latest football game, movie, book, what are kids are doing, and don’t hold back when posting on facebook. Mostly agree? Tonight I heard a beautiful story of salvation over dinner. God took a man who had not been raised in church, led him to read the Book of John in his bedroom and that man was saved. He had been on a downward spiral with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Since that night, he has never wanted any of that stuff again. While overcoming habits are not always that easy for everyone, salvation is easy. It is a gift. All you have to do is accept it. We have to work hard for every dime, our education, and on relationships. Jesus did the hard part for us. He hung on the cross and we nailed the nails. He did it so that we could accept this beautiful gift of salvation. Praise God! Thank you Jesus! Why don’t we tell our salvation stories more often? What if we talked about our salvation more than football, movies, books, our kids, or facebook? Start asking people to share their salvation stories. If they don’t have one, then share yours. If you need more information, a great start is the Book of John. The most beautiful thing to listen to is the story of salvation because it is the only thing eternal. Football, movies, books, and songs are fun but temporary. I promise if you try this it will bless your soul.

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