Book of Eli

Book of Eli with Denzel Washington

It may not win any Oscars,but if you can get past the language and violence and the slow plot formation, this movie has quite an impact.

2 comments on “Book of Eli

  1. Hello there…I wound up being able to see the movie tonight. I found it extremely compelling – one of the most interesting and original premises for a film I think I have ever seen. Between “The Professional” and “The Book of Eli,” Gary Oldman will have to go down as one of the “best” bad guys in cinematic history (he did pretty well as a good guy in the Harry Potter films too, come to think of it). As you mentioned, its pretty rough in some spots, but ultimately it redeems itself from all the gratuity.


  2. Hi Jason,
    I don’t want to say much to prevent giving away anything to people who haven’t seen it. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thought you would. Did you figure it out before the end?


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