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Which will you choose?

How funny that we are so concerned about our successes and gains in this life. Leaving a legacy here on Earth.
This life lasts less than 100 years when the “after life” is for eternity.

So, truly this is not life at all.
Life is what we call death.
This is a mere blink.
A fleeting moment.
God says He wants to give us more than we can think or imagine. Will we accept it though?
Okay, so let’s say this life is a waiting room at a doctor’s office.
In the waiting room there are 2 doors.
You may chooose which door to walk through.
One door is marked “Eternal Life of Joy, Peace, Love, including more awesome wonderment and beauty than you can think or imagine”.

Door number 2 is marked “Burning Lake of Fire, including pain, suffering, darkness and torment – worse horror than you could think or imagine.

People cannot understand why God would allow suffering. Isn’t that why he makes this “life”, this blink of an eye to only last less than 100 years and our eternity to last….well, an eternity?
He only makes us stay here a very short time so that we will have the opportunity to appreciate Him. Know Him. Share Him.
Then after this blink we we move on…

Door number 1 or Door number 2?

Which will you choose?

You disagree? What if I’m right?

Read the Book of Romans and get back to me.

kim crawford

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