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Quiet Waters

We start this world with a breath. I personally didn’t breathe for 11 minutes when I was born. My mother thought I was dead, and the doctor told her I had severe brain damage. Well, my brother always told me I did, but here I am and God saved my brain in thatmiraculous way he does things. My mother’s Ob/Gyn stuck a tube down my throat and breathed for me and would not stopwhen they told him to. He didn’t give up on me. He later died in a plane crash. He did amazing things in medicine for Birmingham, ALand for a tiny little baby from Bradford, AL. He gave me the ability to think, feel, work, love…he gave me breath. God gave him thewisdom and heart to do this. So let’s begin our journey to quiet waters together with a breath.
A thought and breathing exercises for you to try:

Breathe Grace

Scientists at University of Virginia and Harvard conducted a research on stillness, meditation, and prayer perceived by many as doing nothing, a waste of time. They asked their students to sit alone in a room for 15 minutes. No phone, no gadgets, no tv, no books, no companion. They were shown a button that, if pressed, would deliver a static shock to their ankle. When left alone with nothing else to do, 67 % of men chose to shock themselves, and 25 % of the women did the same…. One person pressed the button 190 times! The author summarized their findings, “Most people seem to prefer to be doing something rather than nothing, even if that something is negative.” (July 2014 Issue of Science)

Take time to be.
Be aware of love.
Be aware of self.
Be aware of breath.
To breathe.
Breathe grace.
We feel yesterday but can’t change it.
We dream of tomorrow but can’t touch it yet.
We are right here. Right now.
There are 86,400 seconds in a day.
86,400 opportunities to receive grace.
86,400 opportunities to give grace.
Inhale grace. Exhale grace.
Breathe grace.

Kim Crawford Meeks 04/21/2020; 06/2021

One comment on “Quiet Waters

  1. I like the direction of light teaching with a depth of meaning! Great job, BBFF!


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