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Quiet Waters – Sound

Often in life we find ourselves in circumstances we are not able to change. It could be a financial situation, relationship, legal issue, ailment, or a number of other things. We may not have the ability to change these circumstances or even how we feel about them. What we can do is change how we process these circumstances and feelings. Last week we talked about vision, therefore this week let’s talk about our sounds. Even if changing what we hear is only for a brief few moments, it does often help us escape. Sometimes that may mean stepping outside to listen to the birds, or going to another room where a tv is not on, or perhaps turning on music that lulls us to another time, place, or to sleep. Sometimes the greatest sound you can hear is your own breath. Being quiet, being still, and consciously breathing slowly and deeply. Listening to your breath and being thankful for your ability to take the next breath that comes. It even helps to place your hands over your ears so that you close out the noises of the world to listen to the sounds of your own soul, heart, and mind. You are allowed a break from it all. We all need those breaks. Vacations are very expensive, and yet we have the ability within ourselves to escape from it all right where we are.


Sometimes you need to change your sounds,

Those same noises that are always around.

Those sounds that cause chaos, confusion, worry, or fear,

Make one forget all they hold dear.

Sometimes you need to hear something different from the norm,

These differing sounds will create new hopes, and new thoughts may form.

Maybe the ocean as it wanes and it waves,

Perhaps a new song from a day far away.

The sound of the wind is even different at times,

It provides sweet retreat as it lulls and it guides.

The sound of stillness – of quiet – of nothing at all,

The sound of your own soul as it gets up when you fall.

The sound of your own voice saying, “I will and I can.”

The sound from the heart that says, “You are strong, therefore stand.”

Quiet Waters. within. Listen. Breathe. Stand.

Kim Crawford-Meeks

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  1. I’m wanting to produce something from both of us on mindfulness.


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