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God Shines

It is in the shimmer of the morning dew.

God shines.

It is in the calm of the roaring of the waves.

God stands.

It is in the flight of the butterfly.

God is present.

It is in the sunshine the day after a devastating twister.

God remains.

It is in the rocky, crooked path I try to travel.

God leads.

He gives drink to the blades of grass and flower blossoms.

He composes symphonies of ocean waves and tells them when to rise and when to fall.

He miraculously weaves cocoons around chubby caterpillars and with His paint brush adds wings to make it flit and fly through blossoms of Spring.

He blows away the twister and tells the warming sun to shine once more.

He plucks the rocks from my path, carries me over the trenches, places His cloak over the puddles, and makes my crooked path straight.

He is God.

When I realize my limitations (yet again), God shows up and is limitless.

Kim Crawford-Meeks 05/08/2010; revised 04/20/2020

Watch video on You Tube: Happy Campers David & Kim

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