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Where Butterflies Have Been Again

Where Butterflies Have Been

Where butterflies have been a whisper is spoken ever so softly,

Fluttering delicately, I hear the gentle wings pounding my name.

Sympathetically hugging my heart in my soul,

Leading me boldly like a moth to the flame.

Ever so strongly, guiding and smiling, crying and floating,

Quite overwhelming, it’s confusing but amusing in life’s game.

Throbbing intensely and feeling such emotion as overwhelming as waves in the ocean,

Such love and compassion, grace everlasting, and I have no more blame.

In the cocoon I’m struggling and screaming, yet rescued and resting,

Where butterflies have been new life begins, and the mirror tells me to stay the same.

Kim Crawford-Meeks

Copyright Kim Crawford June 3, 2009; revised April 14, 2014; October 22, 2018

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