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On your mark, get set, love!

Tomorrow begins Love Challenge 2019!

Why do the love challenge? To enrich and strengthen your marriage. To give the best gift to your spouse…a renewal of your commitment, devotion, and love. To grow.

When is it ever a bad time to grow? We train and practice in athletics. What football team plays without very intense practice? None.

We go to college to receive an education for our careers. We train on the job. We continually go to continued education.

We have to have a learner’s permit to drive a car. It is understood that you don’t get behind the wheel without lessons, practice, and supervision of someone trained.

There is really no training for relationships, communication, marriage. Wow.

Often, people think “I Do” is the beginning and end of the effort.

If someone hunts, fishes, collects precious items, likes classic cars, etc., they will take special care of those items. Learn how to take care of them and spend time doing it.

Marriage should be the same…or more. We should treat our spouse like the most precious treasure and gift. We should seek to learn all we can to grow in that relationship. We should practice communication, build a toolbox to go to when something needs fixed, and never stop.

God has clearly told us to submit to one another in marriage, love one another like He loves us, be faithful, loyal, and respectful.

How sad that we put less effort, less time, and less money on marriage than we do careers, collections, or hobbies.

I believe God breathed the words of the Bible to be written. It is a guide book for us in life. I also believe He is still inspiring and giving wisdom to his followers to help one another grow. There are amazing tools out there for our toolboxes: Love Dare by the Kendricks, Love Languages by Gary Chapman, 52 Things a Husband/Wife Needs…, there are so many books for us to learn from. Most of these people realized they needed help, found help, and wrote the books to help others. The Eldredge couple’s story for example…look it up.

My Love Challenge is not something I wrote. It is taken from these experts, and people God gave a gift to in order to help us grow.

It begins tomorrow. It is 14 days. Surely you can do a 14 day challenge if you devote yourself to months of other interests.

Until tomorrow, do something sweet for your spouse. Is there something you can do to make them feel better? Something you can send them to remind them of your beginning? Something you should explain or own?

I will post Love Challenge Day 1 tomorrow.

Blessings, and let me hear feedback.

If you want to give your spouse a vow renewal during this season of love, let me know! What woman wouldn’t want that?

Love the love,


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