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The Brothers

Unveiled & Untangled

Five little brothers separated from their home,
Father is sick and mother is gone.
Orphanage is cold, foster homes aren’t better,
But they’ve been through all kinds of weather.
Taken home for Christmas to one house or another,
Showered with gifts, but not with each other.
Back at the orphanage not allowed to have gifts,
Parents are people that come and go in shifts.
One is adopted and dies a young death,
Father is gone and has breathed his last breath.
Foster homes, military, uncles or farms,
These boys lost a lot, but never their charm.
Not perfect in any measure at all,
But loved one another through every rise and fall.
Separation did not stop the brothers they are,
And now together, they look down from afar.
For their family remaining, they wait and rejoice,
And “Merry Christmas, Praise Jesus” they sing with their voices.
They live on in…

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