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Keepin it Real this Valentine’s Day

Sweater with conversation hearts on it. 

Valentine goodies for my sweeties at the hospital.

Special surprise for Tims going away party.

I’m ready to spread the love!

At car to go to work.

No keys. No keys to house or car.

All keys in locked house. Just changed locks in Nov and just brought in extra keys Sat.

What?! An unlocked window? 

Ah from the doggies and their stank and had to air it out.

Set off alarm.

Forgot password.

Tore tights and thigh. 

Dog won’t come in.

Still can’t find keys. 

Found them.

Thank God for doggies and their stank that causes open windows. 

Don’t want to get to wrapped up in love and romance today. No head in the clouds on Cloud Crest Drive. 

Keepin it real!



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