Well Done, Michael Tumlin

Well Done, Michael Tumlin

Michael Tumlin was not the kind of person you merely knew or met…he was the kind who made an impact on your life and an imprint on your heart.

Michael has now heard those words we all long to hear one day, Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.

Michael did life well. Extremely well.

As son, to Aunt Shelba and Uncle Welton, he honored them, loved them, and made them proud parents in all of his life accomplishments. Well done, Michael.

As brother, to his little sister, Terri, he did well. As we saw in the photos, they were the cutest 2 kids Warrior has ever seen. They had fun, and as any good big brother should do, Michael knew just the right buttons to press to aggravate his little sister. My brother was good at that too. That was just fun stuff though and his true relationship to her was protector to Terri. She always knew he had her back, and would stand strong for her in any situation. As adults, they shared many late night talks, old inside jokes, thoughts, fears, and hopes. Well done, Michael.

As Unc, to Garrett, and I’m sure to Austin as well, Michael was teacher, leader, strong and fun. Well done, Michael

As cousin to my brother and I, and the bigger Tumlin clan, he was also leader and so wonderful. Michael is one of those people I can stand here and say, who never said a bad word about me, that I know of. He always encouraged, complimented, and told me how proud he was of both Chris and me. A few weeks ago, as mother and Aunt Shelba were both in the hospital I walked over to Michael as he entered the room. We hugged and said I love you. I will cherish that moment as long as I live. Well done in the big picture of my life Michael, and in the small moments.

As husband to Leigh, I also never heard him say one bad word about her. They made the most handsome couple and my witness of their relationship has always been that they always were smiling together. Leigh asked me to clarify that Michael did not leave the house during the fire and go back in. She expressed and we all agree, that he was too smart to do that. Michael was a brilliant man. He was smart, creative, and innovative. Well done, Michael.

As father to Natalie and Andrew, he did very well. What a fun dad! His photos are full of pictures of trips to the mountains, the beach, Spring Valley beach to swim, the state fair, fishing, eating Mexican food and more. Every time I saw him he told me of their most recent fun event and what was already planned next. Michael was father, and he was advocate. He stood strong for his children and thousands of others in his work with Alabama Autism.org. He provided support and education for this cause that was his heart. His dream was that Natalie and Andrew would go to college and graduate. They are going and they will reach those dreams their father shared with them, I am sure. They will do very well, like Michael. Well done, Michael.

As a community leader, Michael did very well in loving his hometown of Warrior and working as Building inspector. Well done, Michael.

More than anything, as Christian, Michael shared his faith. Many times throughout the last few years, I heard him say how much he loved the Lord, and gave credit for everything good in his life to Jesus Christ. John 3:16 is in your memorial folders because Leigh said he loved that promise of eternal life we have through salvation with Jesus. Michael has that now. We mourn and grieve deeply for him, but know that he is eternal. Michael has joined our precious grandparents Big Papa and Sweet Granny, and his father Welton Tumlin. We know they greeted him with open arms and shared in the Lord saying, Well done, my good and faithful servant, Michael Tumlin.

*The PowerPoint was to be played at the Celebration of Michael’s life. It would not play properly. Due to the presentation not working, I transferred it to video and posted on FB for everyone at the service and other friends to view. There were about 250 people in attendance. As of tonight, a little over 48 hours after the service, 2000 people have viewed Michael’s PP. The awesome thing about this, is that Michael told Leigh that he loved the promise of salvation of John 3:16. Because of the glitch in the settings at the church, many more people have been witnessed to through Michael’s favorite verse. He has glorified God and testified to the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ even after going home to be with the Lord. We were so disappointed when the presentation didn’t work, but praise God it did. If it had, then we would never have posted it on FB. God works in mysterious ways and has a plan. Know the promise of John 3:16. Michael did and is living it now.

Proud to be His Little Sister Cousin – Kim Crawford


2 comments on “Well Done, Michael Tumlin

  1. Well done Kim!

    This is truly spectacular tribute on various levels. But the fact of 1300 people being touched by this PowerPoint presentation is truly phenomenal. Thank you for all your hard work in making this presentation possible.

    I’m proud to call you my best friend my sis and my colleague!


  2. Thank you! I love your family very much and greatly appreciate all of your prayers for my family. The Kohn family: David, Elizabeth, Kristi, and Ashley are precious and rare treasures in my life! Thank you Kohns!



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