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my knees

On my knees I find that the t-shirt I’ve been looking for is under the chest. I wonder how long it has been there?

On my knees I find the boingy doorstopper thing is still up in this room, although not in others. I wonder how long it will stay?

On my knees I find the toothpaste stain on the carpet, where I walked out of the restroom while brushing my teeth to check my email. I wonder what was in my email to make me do that?

On my knees I find the wheels on my antique furniture. I wonder whose floor they rolled across before mine?

On my knees I find the plug lying in the floor that is attached to the Number One Sound Machine I bought in February. It stopped working by April.  I wonder if they will take it back?

On my knees I find my favorite Eeyore sock blending with my dust ruffle. I know there is stuff behind the dust ruffle but I do I wonder enough to look?

On my knees I find paint that needs a touch up. I wonder when I will get around to that?

On my knees I find a scarlet thread which is not attached to anything. I wonder where it came from?

On my knees I find many things I don’t notice when on my feet running to one thing and the next. I wonder if I will ever stop being so busy?

On my knees I find I am not alone. I find God. I wonder why I don’t get on my knees more often?

On my knees I am thankful for everything in life that has sent me to my knees. I wonder why I don’t begin each day on my knees thankful for the new mercies God sends with each sunrise?

On my knees I often stop wondering quite so much about what I should have done in the past, what I should do in the future.

On my knees I am able to be the only place I am physically able to be, which is right here, right now.

On my knees I know God will provide the light for the next step I take, when He is ready for me to take it, but until then I will rest here on my knees.

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