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Symphony of God

The roll of thunder and drop of rain

The base and rhythm mysteriously fail to wane

The melodic tunes of a bird on a sunny day

Singing “O, my sweet friend, come my Blue Jay”

The blades of grass softly swishing in the breeze

Writing the lyrics to just one of these

Songs created by God’s hand and heart

His symphony playing and painting His art

The tide billowing into the shore

Beckoning for the sorrow to show no more

Cricket quartets and frogs croak in glee

Asking do you, do you love me?

The moon shines the spotlight on the owl as he sings “Hoo, hoo”

Who will dance in the dark until the dawn and the dew

The kitten purrs a warm “Welcome day”

I listen as the sun shines a bright, golden ray

I am comforted by God’s music and soothed by His friends

Wrapped in cobwebs and cocoons, on Him I depend

One comment on “Symphony of God

  1. I thought of the life of the different seasons, the little girl seasons in the spiritual seasons. Great job Kim!


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