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300th Post

So, what do I say in my 300th Post?!

It seems it should be special. Have some extraordinary meaning.

Lift up the masses. Make people cry.

Have a deep, life changing meaning.

Say something.

What have I had 300 of in my life?

Well, I have now had 300 posts on my blog, hmmm…

I have definetly eaten 300 pieces of okra galore

And drank 300 cups of coffee, or more

Cried 300 tears

Had 300 fears

Walked 300 steps

Needed 300 helps

Laughed 300 times

Read 300 rhymes

Dreamed 300 dreams

Thought of 300 themes

Received 300 hugs

Felt 300 shrugs

Prayed 300 prayers

Had 300 cares

Experienced 300 mercies

Eaten 300 Hershey’s

Loving 300



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