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When I was a little girl I read lots of stories

With princes and princesses all in their glory

Happily ever after and love at first sight

Riding white horses and dancing all night

My prince came along and swept me off my feet

So patient, loving, compassionate, and sweet

He loves for me to talk to him and share all my cares

Never has a problem with my anger or tears

He understands sometimes I am confused and afraid

He forgives me continually for the mistakes I have made

He showers me with security and wraps me in peace

Gives me guidance when I’m wrong and comfort in grief

He loves to give me more than my imagination dreams

Never including an underlying scheme

And one day he will come upon that horse of white

His bride I will be veiled, in His enveloping light

Happily ever after with never “the end”

Just peace everlasting with no bonds of sin.

Jesus loves me.  This I know.

copyright Kim Crawford January 2010

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