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the broken latch

The latch on the gate to my fence pulled through to the wrong side.

The gate would not open.

The gate is not missing. I know where it is, but it has changed. It is now a wall and blocking my path.

I went to walk through the gate just as I have a million times before.

Just as I expected to do a million more times.

And now the gate does not work.

How can this be?

There was no logical explanation.  Someone chose to pull the gate the wrong direction?

Someone must have taken great effort to do so.  So, am I to believe that someone actually made a decision, took the time, and spent the energy to block my path? To prevent me from going forward? To stop me?

I don’t understand who or why?

I don’t want to admit it. I don’t want to remember, but it has happened before.

The breeze is sweet today. Gentle and kind after an ice storm changed our paths and plans this week.

The sun warms my face. and the birds sing to my soul.

What are you singing?

I understand.

I was too upset about the broken latch and condition of the gate to see it.

A clear pathway illuminated by the sun.

The light warms my heart, as I step through.

kim crawford 2.1.14

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