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Silent Night

Silence is such an uncomfortable thing for most of us.

With t.v., internet, phones, etc., silence is becoming a strange and unusual thing.

We need the silence just as much as we need the laughter, the tears, the screams, and the reason.

God created the Heavens, the Earth, light, water, animals, people…and silence.

God is in all of it.  God is in the silence.

A leaf falling.

A breeze blowing.

A sunbeam warming your face.

The cool earth beneath your feet.

The stars lighting a black sky.

A hand reaching to hold you, just when you need it.

A breath when you realize you have been so stressed that you stopped breathing.

A moment of realizing God is there.

His still, small voice.

Embrace the silence.

Go into the Silent Night.

kim crawford 12.25.13

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