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Stay Hidden?

On my “break” from work and homework today, I trimmed the rose bushes.  Correction, I didn’t trim them..I reestablished who is boss in this relationship.  Oh, they didn’t give in without a fight.  They stuck out their thorns with might and determination and dug their claws in for fear of their lives.  Their beauty is a bit obscure at this point, but has not vanished.  They look like a little kid who found the scissors and decided it was time for a self-haircut.  A little too short, but cute in an unusual way.  After they had time to realize it was not a personal attack, they looked around with a sigh.  I heard them say how relieved they were to shed a few pounds and release the dead ends.  They also have their own personal space again.  Some of them are a bit uneasy because they grew dependent on their neighbor, but it is time they learned some independence.  I could tell the distance was a relief, especially for the small fir tree on the end who was completely lost behind the massive rose bushes.  He stands tall now, hoping to be the chosen Christmas tree.  Bless him, he has no idea the fate of the chosen one.  How painful it will be.  Perhaps, I should have allowed him to stay hidden, but then how would he ever have an identity and a purpose.  Purpose is worth the pain.  It just is.

kim crawford horton, oct 26 2013

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