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Tornado Safety

Tornado Safety Tips:
Go to a safe place before the tornado is at your house.
Safe place? Lowest and smallest place in the house.  Small boards do not break as easily as long boards.  Under a stairwell, inside small bath or closet.  All that stood at our house upstairs was the inside hall bath!
Wear a helmet! Feel like a dork? At least you will be a live dork.  Most injuries in tornadoes are head injuries.
Wear shoes! Our feet were cut up coming out of the house last year.
Wear sleeves and pants to protect arms and legs.
Getting in the car, in the garage is not a good idea.  Our floor crushed our cars and the garage doors crumbled.
Put a mattress over you for protection.
Put a flashlight in your safe place if possible and driver’s license, debit cards, and cell phone in your pocket.  Don’t count on being able to hold on to anything or find a purse.
Store photos and important documents in rubber containers and in a lower area of house.
Take tornado warnings seriously! We can’t live in fear, but a warning is to get us in a safe place because tornadoes do happen and destroy.  Don’t be afraid, be smart.
Kim Crawford Horton

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