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Stream of Consciousness

We were asked today to write a stream of consciousness.  I wrote regarding a thought about prayer I had on the way to work:

I seem to truly realize the privilege of prayer more and more.  I think I could not possibly love prayer more, but then I do.  God should be saying enough of you already, but He is very patient and never tires of my requests and conversations with Him.  The thought about the privilege of prayer occurred to me this morning.  It is so awesome that God chose to allow us to talk to Him.  He didn’t have to do this, but He did!  He knows our hearts, therefore He could handle our lives without our prayers.  He loves us so much that He allows prayer to be an open avenue with no roadblocks, dead-ends, or potholes.  If ever there is construction, it is due to my own need for repairs and not any weakness of the Father.  I have found great comfort in prayer, had many prayers answered, and see God’s Power alive in my life.  I can tell God when I am afraid and that I am angry and He listens.  He speaks to me through prayer and guides me in His Presence.  To praise Him is a privilege and in my prayer I say thank you for prayer, my God, Lord, Savior, and Redeemer.

For God’s Glory,


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