little rocker and tiny shoes

There are moments when the loss of something strikes and a sense of sadness overwhelms us.

Today it was the memory of sitting in my little rocking chair, rocking my baby dolls.

I dreamed of growing up to be a mommy, and practiced for many years with the dolls.

In the past couple of years, the little chair sat in the corner of my study…a comforting reminder of days untangled.

Beside the rocking chair, were my little white patent leather shoes.

At one year of age, I walked across a floor furnace and my feet were severely burned.

The little shoes reminded me of God’s healing grace, because I never had a scar after the burn.

As I mourn the little chair, and the tiny shoes, I remember the children that gave their lives to Christ the Sunday after we shared our story of the storm.

The loss of the little chair and the shoes, is not equal to the glory of the salvation of these children.

It is worth it.

God does send blessings in the raindrops.

My mom suggested I buy a new little rocker.

Instead, we bought one for our new niece AllieRae.

We pass the blessing on, and cherish the sweet memories in our hearts.

kim crawford


2 comments on “little rocker and tiny shoes

  1. I love you Kim:). I miss you in my life and wish we lived closer and we weren’t so busy so we could get together. You are amazing!


  2. God is amazing! I love you too! Kim


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