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try it and you may like it

Give yourself a present.

Try to understand the perspective of another person.

Put yourself in their shoes.

If they are hurt and you are involved, regardless of whether the pain was intentional or unintentional, care for their pain.

You have every right to explain your side of things.

But when you see their perspective, understanding is reached, and mercy is enabled.

Being able to accept that you may be involved in the pain of another is not easy, but is a step toward selfless living.


Try to understand them.

Explain yourself if needed.

But tell them you understand how they feel, and that you are sorry for their pain.

Defensive anger gets us nowhere.

A friend told me once “Kim, there is never a reason for someone to be rude to you.”

My friend was right.

Reach out in love.

When it is difficult to reach out, is when true love is proven.

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