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Often we meet someone who is so bad for us,

they are good for us.

In the differences and disagreements,

we push ourselves to be better.

Maybe we become more kind, more compassionate or

just better versions of who we were and who we should be.

Every person you have a relationship with is not going to have flowers and

jewels flowing out of their mouths on your behalf.

Having someone who allows you to see deeper than the reflection in the mirror…

Into the core of your soul and cause you to say “God, help me to change.  I need to be anything but me, and all like You.”

That is a good thing.

Love your enemies.  They may help you find the real


Thank you to all who have loved me, examined me, questioned me and hated me.

I understand.  I am thankful.  I am not perfect.  I am forgiven.

At the end of the day I want to please God.

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