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he loved.

At your funeral what will people say?

He was some kind of football fan. – No, who cares?  It was fun for you, but you will not be remembered by it.

She always arrived 7 minutes early for everything.  She always arrived 7 minutes late for everything.  – Nope

Her hair was highlighted so many lovely colors. – Um, probably not.

She finally lost that stubborn 10 pounds. – Only you care about that.

He had the shiniest, fastest sports car. – Really, you want to be remembered for an object?  Surely not.

She kept her closets so neat.  – Have you ever heard anyone lovingly speak of someone’s closet? No.

She had lots of clothes? His yard was more neatly manicured than the others? She always had her nails painted? He could sit in a chair for an extremely long amount of time and watch t.v.? She knew every Lifetime movie that ever aired?

Hmmm…how about…he loved.

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