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Stuck in the Middle with You

As I sit in the rocker my mom rocked me in as a baby, I feel at home.

Memories flood of my childhood.

I rocked my baby dolls in this chair…Jenny…Laura…Lala.

I rocked my baby boy in this chair…Kolby. My baby girl…Makenzi.

Softly, it calms the stress of the day and I hear singing and realize it is my own.

“Cast all of your cares upon me.  Lay all of your burdens down at my feet.  Any time I don’t know what I should do, I will cast all of my cares upon you.”

As I rise, my pink fluffy robe sticks to the back of the chair…I smile.

I overly polished the chair as a little girl.  My mother didn’t have the heart to tell me to stop.  She let me.

She knew I was trying to help.  Trying to dust away her stress.  Give back to her for giving so much to me.  She knew I would learn and grow in it.

My robe sticks to the chair and I remember the times of life when I have been in sticky situations…stuck in a rut…stuck in the middle of my own mistakes.

God lets me.

He knows I’m trying to help.  Trying to fix things.  He gives me choices.  He forgives when I am stuck in the middle of my own mistakes.  He knows I will learn and grow in it.  When I am in too deep…

He lifts me from my miry bog and places my feet on solid ground. (Psalm 40:1-3)

I am not stuck. I am free.

“Cast all my cares upon Him”.



This rocking chair was one of the few things remaining from the tornado after January 23, 2012. It sits in the window of my study now.

So strong. And now I rock my granddaughter…Lily. So precious and sweet.

She will learn and grow. I will let her.

We will let each other.

Thank you for this rocking chair for soothing and calming as he nurtures our souls yet stands in solid strength.

He lets us.



One comment on “Stuck in the Middle with You

  1. I love this………however, i hate to bring it up, but my heart yearns for the end of the year one…………i know last you you only did it at my request….well i tried to not request it….but i love it wif all my heart….the new year just doesnt seem complete yet without it…just sayin


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