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Circumstances are funny little things aren’t they?

They crawl into a room just when you least expect them.

They fall out of the sky as soon as you think all the clouds have silver linings.

They block your path and you seem to leave your rock climbing gear in the other car every time.

Joy – in – our – circumstances.

Is that a joke? Perhaps a riddle?  What has three letters and seems impossible to find when we are not in control? JOY

Jonah in the belly of the whale – thanked God for salvation.

David, young & small facing the Giant with a sling and stones – stood strong.

Noah in a very large boat full of 14 cows, 14 pigs, 2 giraffes, 2 elephants…built an altar to thank God when the floods receded.

If only we could box up our circumstances and wrap them in duct tape.

Not gonna happen.

But joy can happen.

Joy in hope. Joy in faith. Joy in love. Joy in self-control. Joy in peace. Joy in patience. Joy in gentleness.

Joy in seeking to understand the person speaking to us.

Joy in being quiet.

Joy in being quiet long enough to hear that I’m breathing.

Joy in the breathing of the Holy Spirit.

Joy in Jesus.


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