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Why do we have such a hard time accepting that others are also human?

It seems we become friends (or more) with people and think they are awesome until…wait a minute…we realize they aren’t perfect?

Could it be? Surely not!  All people make mistakes?  Struggle with sin? Have weaknesses?


We allow ourselves to have bad habits.

We allow ourselves to keep making the same mistakes, over, and over, and over.

Yet, when someone we love shows a sign of weakness the sun stops shining, the earth stands still, and our world is shattered.

The beginning of a good relationship must be the realization that everyone has weaknesses just like we do.

After we accept this, we learn a little about forgiveness.


Doesn’t everyone need a dose of compassion every once in a while?

What if Christ had not shown compassion?  What if He didn’t forgive?

What if?

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